Design Works

Eat where they treat you best.

App-App, Inc. is a company founded by Nick Ludwig and Todd Folk, this platform allows subscribers to get free complementary appetizers from partner restaurants. My work for them includes UI/UX design for the app and several marketing materials.

Software Used: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Final Deliverable: Digital graphics, Interactive Prototype, wireframes & Design Document



ins ad_2x.png

One of the social media posts for App-App.

app preview.png

App-App’s preview images on App Store and Google Play.


A promotional recipt-like handout used to draw people’s attention to the platform’s main feature - getting free complimentary appetizers.  

A few business card designs.


A example of an early design proposal to optimize the user flow of the app backend.

Another proposal to optimize the user flow of the mobile app.

A completely new design concept of the backend of the App-App platform.