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Web Design


Web Design Examples, Mid 2018 - Present.

This is a collection of my recent web design works mostly for the digital media marketing agency called Aumcore LLC. For most of the projects, I'd start from a wireframe or other designers' drafts and try to finish the job.

Please contact me if you'd like to know more about these projects.

Software Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Cold Press Juicers

This is a e-commerce website that sells cold press juicers of a variety of brands. My job was to redesign the homepage based on the wireframe to make it look less like it’s from 20th century.


This is a massive healthcare company that has multiple branches and a wide range of services. I was in charge of the redesign of their brand new website. Here is a preview of the homepage.

Meridian Leasing

Meridian Leasing is a part of Meridian International, they lease medical, construction, IT and material handling equipments. My job is to redesign several parts of their old website to make it look more modern, reliable and professional.

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3D Asset Management

3D Asset Management is an Independent Investment Manager who partners with fee-based financial advisors to deliver the benefits of exchange-traded funds to individual investors and retirement plan participants. We have designed several different homepage style before the client decided on one of them.